CSR - INFLUX Foundation

  • Influx Foundation is the social initiative of Influx Group. Enormous philanthropic work has been initiated through Influx Foundation not only for the marginal & downtrodden sections of the society but the common man looking for strong foot hold in today’s changing economic environment.

    Influx foundation is not mere a social face of the influx group, it is a reflection of the founder CMD of Influx group who has taken unlimited hard work to build the present company, struggling all evils. Influx Group is highly sensitive, richly qualified and high grade traditional group. The group has woven the tradition of the country and new age economical atmosphere of open market in a beautiful silken social thread. While going to this progressive phase, the group was always conscious about social responsibilities and hence, the Influx Foundation has taken birth.

    The foundation strongly took up the agendas of the environment, stepped on self employment & education, Women & Child welfare. The company organizes blood donation camps, plant-seeds distribution programs, fund-raising events etc. Influx Foundation has donated an ambulance to a hospital in Pune. Influx foundation endeavours to provide common man – the basic, social & economic opportunities for them to stand on their own feet.

    The idea is to associate the group with a noble cause to support humanitarian projects through financial assistance or in kind. As responsible global citizen, Influx Foundation people are morally obliged towards the people of India and the global community.


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