• Influx SuperCrop
    Main Features:
    • AgriLife is useful for all crops & plants.
    • It is 100% Natural Organic Product.
    • It can be mixed with any fertilizer.
    • It enhances the nutrient uptake & their utilization by the plants.
    • It does the transportation of all Micronutrients, Vitamins, Enzymes etc required for the growth of the plant.

    • AgriLife increases the yield substantially.
    • The transportation and absorption of nutrients inside the plant is made easier by AgriLife.
    • It controls the opening and closing of the stomata of the leaves.
    • It manages the stress & its after effects on the plants.
    • It increases pollen germination.
    • It helps in regulation of water balance under stressful conditions.
    • It helps in proper ripening of fruits.
    • It helps to increase the photosynthesis activity making the crop lush green.
    • It improves the color, shape, luster and taste of fruits.
    • It improves the fruit bearing capacity of the plant.
    • It induces the growth and development of primary as well as secondary root system.
    • It improves the keeping quality of vegetables, fruits & flowers.

    • Through foliar spray: For All Crops: 2ml AgriLife per liter of water
    • For better results mix AgriLife with SuperCrop & AllRounder.
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