INFLUX AllRounder

  • Influx SuperCrop
    Main Features:
    • AllRounder is 100% Natural Organic Product.
    • It is useful for all crops and plants.
    • It is a Non-ionic Surfactant for use as a Wetting Agent in dispersing foliar fertilisers and pesticides.

    • AllRounder works as a Spreader which spreads the foliar fertilisers and pesticides uniformly on the leaves and plants.
    • It is very useful for spraying with all types of pesticides / insecticides.
    • It holds the sprayed solution / mixture onto the leaves and plants.
    • It helps in penetration of sprayed solution / mixture into the leaves and plants.
    • It is also useful on wide, oily and drooping leaves and plants.
    • It increases the efficacy of the sprayed solution / mixture.
    • It improves the shelf-life of harvested crop / vegetables / fruits / flowers etc. and enhances their luster.

    • AllRounder can be used by foliar spray, drenching and drip irrigation.
    • Use 1 ml AllRounder in 3 litres of water (5 ml in 15 litres of water).
    • Take required quantity of water in spray tank and add the recommended quantity of AllRounder in it and mix thoroughly.
    • Add pesticides, insecticides or foliar fertilisers that are to be used according to the manufacturer's instructions and mix thoroughly.

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