INFLUX MahaAstra

  • Influx SuperCrop
    Main Features and Benefits:
    • MahaAstra is 100% Natural Organic Product.
    • Probably it is the Only Organic Product in India which effectively controls white grubs.
    • It kills only white grubs.
    • It is not harmful for beneficial micro-organisms.
    • No pesticide residual effect on the soil as well as the plant.
    • No harmful effect if used in excess quantity.
    • MahaAstra has contact action.
    • When white grub comes in contact with it the grub gets infected, its harmful activity on the plant stops and it gets killed in three days.

    Effective On:
    • MahaAstra is effective on white grubs.

    • Through Flood Irrigation, Drip Irrigation or Drenching.
    • For One Acre land: Mix 2.5 ltr MahaAstra along with
    • 100 ml AllRounder in 200 ltr water.
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