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    Main Features:
    • SoiLife is 100% Natural Organic Product.
    • It is suitable for all types of soils and useful for all crops & plants.
    • It is a soil conditioner which improves soil fertility.
    • It can be mixed with any fertiliser.

    • SoiLife maintains the pH value and C:N ratio of the soil.
    • It enhances the quantity of micro-organisms in the soil and stimulates them in the root zone.
    • It converts the undecomposed matter available in the soil to decomposed matter.
    • It increases the aeration and oxygen content in the soil.
    • It prevents soil erosion and soil cracking.
    • It improves the quality of soil which is deteriorated by using harmful chemicals.
    • It helps in increasing the quantity of white roots.

    • SoiLife can be broadcasted with soil or compost.
    • Drip irrigation system: Mix 250g SoiLife in 200 litres of water for 1 acre & give at every 5 days interval (Use 3 kg SoiLife per acre).
    • Spray on soil: Mix 3 kg SoiLife in 400 litres of water per acre and spray on soil.
    • Flood irrigation: SoiLife can be used by flood irrigation also.
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